Happy, Healthy Dogs

How to Adopt a Puppy

Our comprehensive selection process involves You as the owner, Me as the breeder and We as a team to make the right selection for your family.

Please tell us your personal preferences regarding specific physical characteristics. Your wish list should contain information such as gender, size, type of coat and color preference. Since these characteristics will not change drastically overtime, we will be able to direct your attention towards a few specific puppies in the litter.

For families interested in adopting one of our wonderful puppies, please visit our “Designer Dogs” page to view the various breeds we have to offer. Take the time to become informed about all the beautiful breeds we have to offer. Read the detailed information to find out what makes our dogs so special, watch our videos on Youtube and join us on Facebook to talk to previous puppy owners about their dog. Once you decided which one of our special breeds interest you, look at our gallery to decide if you prefer more curly or relaxed curls. We have lots of pictures on Facebook as well. You also need to know which size and gender you prefer as well.

If you would like to adopt one of our puppies you can submit your contact information via email along with the deposit or payment. You can also print off the contract and send it in along with the $300 deposit, realizing that the balance will be due once the puppy is eight weeks old.

We do occasionally have available puppies featured on our Available Puppy Page.