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How to Adopt a Puppy

How Do We Match Up These ADORABLE Puppies?

I like to contact the families that want to adopt a puppy so that I can know exactly what you want in a puppy. Its nice for me to know why you chose our dogs and to learn more about your family. If you are on the wait list, you will have first option to adopt one of the next available puppy that match your criteria. It's important for us to know if you need this puppy for therapy work, or if you are allergic to dogs, if you prefer a curly coat, wavy or shaggy coat. Would you prefer a larger puppy or a smaller sized puppy? Most of the puppies in each size group are similar in size but there may be one that is a bit smaller and if that suites your needs best, please let me know. If you prefer your puppy to be from a specific litter, I really need to know that right away. I will try to work that out for you.

When the puppies are born we take weekly pictures and post them on our website. You can now select your two favorite puppies. You will be able to evaluate their individual differences through pictures and videos on our website. If only one puppy wins your heart, you can reserve it, if more than two, you can send us a list of your choices in order of preference. We spend a lot of time with our babies and get to know them on a very personal level. Let us know if you need assistance in making your decision.